What Is Lip Blush?

Lip blush is a semi-permanent make up procedure that brings the life back to your lip colour.

It has a variety of uses. For example, it can be used to replace lost colour along the vermillion border of the lip. Colour loss along the border of the lip is a common complaint and can cause the lips to look uneven and thin. 

Lip blush can also be used to add colour to naturally pale lips or change the hue of lips that appear naturally cool in colour which can give a unhealthy appearance.

Why Choose Lip Blushing?

Lip blush can create the illusion of volume on lips that are naturally very thin or uneven in shape without the need for dermal lip filler.

It can also be used on lips enhanced with dermal filler to even out colour again to replace colour loss along the vermillion border.

Lip blush can be used to mask Fordyce spots which appear as little white spots on the lip tissue. Fordyce spots often appear on the lips after lip filler has been injected but can also appear on lips without dermal filler.

The colour of the blush can be matched to your natural lip colour to ensure a natural result, or it can be matched to your favourite lipstick shade if you would rather have that gloss and go look.

What Can I Expect From The Lip Blush Procedure And How Long Does It Last?

Lip blush is done in two procedures similar to other semi permanent procedures. Your second session is done around 6 weeks after your first session.

Lip blush lasts on average 12-18 months before needing a colour boost. A colour boost helps to keep your lips looking their best and keeps the colour fresh.

If you have ever had a cold sore or suffer from cold sores frequently, you may need to take anti virals to prevent the risk of the procedure stimulating a cold sore outbreak.

How To Get Started With Lip Blushing 👇

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Lip Blush Prices

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Lip Blushing Prices

Create a fuller looking lip without the need for lip fillers. Lip Blush can create a gloss and go effect which is still keeping things natural looking. Or perhaps you would like a bolder colour or a colour matched perfectly to your favourite lip stick!

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