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Facial Therapy

Relax in the luxurious, comforting and friendly atmosphere here at Beautiful U and experience our fabulous facial therapy treatments, designed to give your skin a new lease of life and vibrancy.

Our facial therapy treatments have been tailored to offer the best possible results from the leading product combined with our extensive expertise.

Give your skin the pampering it deserves and regain your natural glow and radiance at Beautiful U.

Advanced Facial Therapy

Professional Strength
Epiderma 5

40% Glycolic Skin Peel with Mesotherapy

First time peel with no down time!!!
  • After an initial consultation with one of our therapists prior to your treatment. The surface of the skin will be thoroughly cleansed and prepared before our therapist begins to apply the glycolic peel to the skin, it only takes 1-2 mins for the skin peel to work its magic. After a minute or two the solution is neutralised and removed. Once all traces of the peel have been removed, we can safely start the second process of the treatment which is Mesotherapy. Mesotherapy is a highly effective skin rejuvenating treatment its a safe and natural alternative to invasive cosmetic procedures. It involves the administration of superficial micro injections (using the Nappage technique) into the epidermis which allows for transportation of the products to the dermal layer where cellular interaction takes place. Mesotherapy can instantly improve dull tired looking skin with superficial wrinkles, it can also be used to help address issues within the skin such hyperpigmentation and acne and much more.

Microneedling/ Collagen Induction Therapy

    Microneedling is a procedure designed to enhance and improve your complexation. It does this by activating the bodies natural regenerative process to stimulate the skins own collagen synthesis. Tiny needles are used to penetrate the top layer of the skin vertically. These microscopic punctures cause localised and controlled damage without effecting the epidermis. This initializes skin regeneration and as a result skin rejuvenation and renewal. Microneedling/ collagen induction therapy can be used to treat a number of different skin complaints such as, acne scarring, minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reduce areas of pigmentation. Helps to minimise poresize and over all improve skin texture.

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